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Stop the Greed
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Dear Boom Athens Readers,

Debra Tyler-Horton

Debra Tyler-Horton,
State Director,
AARP Georgia

This may not come as a surprise to many of you, but Americans pay the highest brand-name drug prices in the world. Congress, the Administration, and importantly, our own Georgia legislators must take action now to lower prescription drug prices, the root cause of this problem.

That’s why AARP is launching a national campaign urging federal and state policymakers to Stop Rx Greed by cracking down on price-gouging drug companies. AARP’s goal is to help lower drug prices for all Americans through decisive actions and solutions aimed not only at the Federal level but also at the State level.

In 2017, the average annual cost for one brandname medication used on a chronic basis was almost $6,800. For the average older American taking 4.5 prescription drugs per month, the average annual cost of therapy would have been more than $30,000. No American should be forced to choose between paying for the medicines they need and paying for food, rent, or other necessities.

We urge Georgia lawmakers to work together with all members of Congress now to protect older Americans and pass bipartisan, commonsense legislation to lower prescription drug prices.

For more information about how you can let your voice be heard, go to

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