About BoomAthens

A magazine for those us at 50 plus!

There’s never been another generation quite like ours. Yes, others had wars and hard times (worse wars and worse hard times) but no other generation has encountered such enormous societal change; changes we either welcomed, hated, wrestled with, adjusted to, or puzzled over. We’re referring, of course, to civil rights, feminism, the sexual revolution, and the gay revolution.

Every one of those movements affected each of us in both ordinary and extraordinary ways, impacted our education and work, our families and relationships, our communities and spiritual life, our health and even our free time!

We’ve all had some interesting experiences to laugh about, cry about, regret, be proud of, feel guilty about or ashamed of…it’s amazing really, and maybe we’ve acquired a little wisdom along the way. So, let’s talk about and write about what we did, what we’re doing, and how we’re handling the going forward, keeping in mind, if we can’t tell the truth now, whenever can we?

Thank you for your interest and we welcome your suggestions.

Meet Betsy

Betsy Bean completed graduate school at UGA in 1972.

She was a school librarian for a year and then became a rock and roll DJ for the next 10, finishing that first career in Atlanta.Subsequently, she worked as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, followed by public relations and marketing and newsletter publishing in the field of local government and urban planning.

More recently, she was downtown development director for the City of Anniston, Ala.Betsy moved back to Athens in 2013, and has been loving it ever since. She’s excited about all this college town has “for us at 50 Plus.”

Betsy loves mid-century modern design, historic downtowns, everything Athens and the next door dog, Bubbles.