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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups ~ Curated for Us @ Fifty Plus
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Taking off the mask

For seven decades, Penny Noah was known to the world as David Noah, a teacher, an academic, an artist, a photographer,...
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Warrior Women Sculptures at OCAF

100 Warrior Women: From Invisible to Formidable

It was in 2017 that local artist Alice Woodruff began to get angrier and angrier as she heard and read about...
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Mark Davis and Jennifer Berry, co-owners of Soldier of the Sea Distillery.

Comer Couple Pour Their Passion into a Craft Distillery

Walk into the newest business in downtown Comer, a plain white brick building, and you’re enveloped in scents of warm grain,...
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Couple looking at each other outside of Attic Treasures.

Collecting Couple Turned Hobby into Long-term Business

Joann and Charles Stewart joke that their store, Attic Treasures Antiques, was conceived in summer 1988 when their car’s headlight beams...
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