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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups ~ Curated for Us @ Fifty Plus

Become a Content Contributor

Do you like to write?

Have you written something funny, serious, or reflective? How about poetry or a memoir?

Since we began Boom in 2016, we’ve been privileged to print some wonderful writing from our readers.

Please read some of these previous submissions and you’ll see the type of writing we like. It’s often touching, amusing, or thoughtful.

We’d like to have more so we’re inviting you to submit to the Boomers Write pages, which are published either in print or online, and sometimes both.

Guidelines for Memoir and Personal Essay:

  • Writer must be aged 50+
  • Essays: 500 to about 1,000 words; Poems: any length
  • Upload a word document. Include your name and email/phone number on the submission.
  • Provide a title.
  • Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation although we will proofread and edit for clarity.
  • Provide a brief biography and casual photo (can be cell phone)
  • This is an ongoing feature so there are opportunities to submit throughout the year.
  • No political commentary
  • Agree to our writers terms and conditions.

Additional Requirements for Feature or News-based Stories:

Questions? Email

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