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What we know about “Boomer Consumers”

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Most of us Boomers don’t consider ourselves “seniors,” the way our parents did.

We’re different, and we know it. No, we aren’t young adults dictating fashion trends anymore, but we still buy – a lot – just different stuff.

For decades now, we’ve been influencing the market. From used cars to sports cars. From shag rugs to hardwood floors. From budget motels to 5-star hotels – to name just a few of the trends we’ve created over the years.

But now, we also purchase financial and healthcare services, hobby equipment and supplies of all kinds, two-bedroom instead of four-bedroom houses . . . the beat goes on.

Still, marketers are confused. They don’t realize Boomers aren’t “over the hill” – we still go and do, and will for many more years to come. We still “buy”. . . to the tune of $2.3 trillion. You can’t afford to ignore us.

We’re educated, aware, active, and engaged. We are changing the notion of how to grow older. In fact, AARP has coined the phrase “disrupting aging.”

That’s what we’re doing with BoomAthens – a print magazine and a website, with regular e-mail updates and social media posts with current events and resources. We are serving local Boomers – more than 125,000 strong – in Athens and the surrounding 9-county area with compelling, hyper-local content, including profiles, essays, memoirs, advice, and reviews.

Our sales staff are all Boomers – they know what they are talking about and they can advise you on how to market to the largest, wealthiest, and most influential group in America. Don’t miss out on the numbers, the BIG numbers! Reach out to the group that spends more money annually on consumer goods and services on a per capita basis than any other generation.

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    BoomAthens Media KitAmericans aged 50+ account for half of all consumer spending but are targeted by just 10% of marketing (AARP).

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