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Laurie is our newest Boom Magazine contributor. Laurie retired from UGA a year ago and quickly filled her time with creative projects. Among these is her rekindled passion for cartooning, a hobby she began in the 1970s as a high school student in south Florida.

She’s always liked comics, her personal style influenced by Gary Trudeau, Gary Larsen, Johnny Hart and Charles Schultz. With an English degree from UCLA in hand, Laurie got a job in the Hanna-Barbera research library, hunting down images and updating files, while being inspired by the HB artists. She met the love of her life on a visit back East, then married him and moved to Georgia, settling into a creative university job that paid her to write, photograph and design. However, all that creating left her little energy for her own endeavors.

Now that she’s retired, she’s pulling several projects from the back burner, including a couple of comic strips she posts on Instagram and dramatic writing for plays, as well as supporting her town of Jefferson with her creative talents — and a list too long to include here. We’re thrilled Laurie is carving out some of her time to share her talents with Boom Magazine in print and in our BoomBlast bi-monthly e-newsletter!

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