Just a Thought: Five Years and Counting

Betsy Bean, Publisher

Gosh, seems like yesterday that the first issue of BoomAthens (now re-branded Boom Magazine) rolled off the presses. I had no idea how many moving parts there were to a magazine. While I had lots of experience in writing, marketing, public relations, and newsletter publishing, I hadn’t published a magazine. I discovered it’s like keeping 12 plates spinning in the air—so many moving parts!

Interviewing, writing, photographing, editing, proofing, pagination (what goes where), directing layout and design, printing quotes, distribution (arranging distribution sites and keeping them filled). Perhaps the biggest aspect is advertising sales, which involves lots of networking, phone calls, emails, ad copy and design, and then approvals. These days, you can’t publish in print without also having a website and social media presence, uploading, downloading, and that’s a whole other column.

You get the point. Over the years, I’ve worked with some terrific freelancers and small businesses. Noteworthy, writer Kelly Capers always delivers just what I want; designer Allyn Jenkins was exceptionally patient with my last-minute changes; web designer Carolyn Marquez never expressed dismay at my lack of digital knowledge. I’ve had great contributors who’ve come up with wonderful ideas for stories—Myrna Adams West, Jim Marshall, and Tim Dondero, as well as Larry and Kay Petroff, Becky Parker, Sharron Hannon and Doug Monroe.

I always get two questions or comments from readers. Are you a franchise? No, there are other magazines with Boom in the title, but this is my baby. Then, it must be hard to come up with ideas for articles. Not in the least—it’s the easiest part of the work. Everywhere I go, almost every conversation, I discover a story. Enough for another five years!

Luckily, absolute serendipity, I also encountered the perfect partner last year. Tracy Coley can do it all—write, edit, design, manage the website, and she’s easy to work with it.
You, our readers, have been so supportive, always free with compliments and useful feedback. The biggest shout-out goes to our advertisers who make it all possible, so let me mention that the most significant way to support us is to support Boom’s advertisers. We’ve listed all their websites on p. 27.

Thank You! Thank You! And stay tuned for some exciting new initiatives in 2022.

Betsy Bean
Betsy Bean
Betsy Bean completed graduate school at UGA in 1972. She was a school librarian for a year and then became a rock and roll DJ for the next 10. Subsequently, she worked as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, followed by public relations and marketing and newsletter publishing and was, more recently, the downtown development director for the City of Anniston, Ala.

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