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A free webinar sponsored by Kimbrough Law aims to increase awareness about a little-known benefit for older veterans and their surviving spouses. 

Tax-Free Money for Older Veterans, a free online educational event at 10:00 a.m. on Thurs., Nov. 11, will explain how veterans, surviving spouses, and their families can access this life-changing benefit. In this conversational town hall-style discussion, attorney W.H. “Kim” Kimbrough, Jr. will explain the basics of VA Pension with Aid & Attendance—a non-service-connected benefit that can pay up to $27,549 per year.

“Most people have no idea this benefit even exists,” said Kimbrough, an estate planning and elder law attorney whose firm has helped secure the VA Pension for more than 700 veterans and their surviving spouses. “It’s one of the VA’s best-kept secrets. Millions of veterans are missing out on thousands of dollars each month simply because they don’t know this benefit is available, or they wait too long to apply.”

Kimbrough said that many veterans who do know about this benefit don’t bother applying because they’re told they won’t qualify, or they think the money can only be used in certain ways. “The VA Pension with Aid & Attendance can be used for anything,” Kimbrough explained. “This includes private health insurance, medications that aren’t covered, gifts for family, travel, new clothes, home repairs and renovations, and of course long-term care (either in the home or in a facility). If you’re an older veteran or a surviving spouse of a veteran and could use some extra money each month, this benefit can make all the difference.”

Pre-registration for this free online event is now open, though space is limited. Reserve your seat online at or, or by calling 706.850.6910.

Kimbrough Law is an elder law and estate planning firm that helps families protect what matters most: qualify of life for loved ones, family assets, and peace of mind. Kimbrough Law serves clients throughout North Georgia from a virtual online office and from offices at 500 Jesse Jewell Parkway SE, Suite 200 in Gainesville, and 1077 Baxter Street, Suite 700 in Athens. For more information, visit or call 706.850.6910.

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