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AARP Georgia
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It’s a pleasure to connect with you and our growing base in the Athens area.

Many people think AARP only does insurance and phones, but we are so much
more. Our primary goal as a nonpartisan organization is to advocate for those who are 50-plus in matters ranging from health care to employment.

There tends to be a stigma surrounding mature adults with many thinking that the older you are, the less progressive and willing to learn you become.

While this may be true for some, one only has to recall “The Intern,” starring Robert DeNiro. As a septuagenarian, he became an intern for a 30-something tech entrepreneur.

While she initially dismissed him as “old,” she soon came to value his thoughtful and seasoned approach to getting the best from people and handling problems. We at AARP
believe this can be true in a variety of business settings, minus the Hollywood budget!

AARP does its absolute best to assist those re-entering the workforce or trying to start a business. One of the employment programs AARP offers is BACK TO WORK 50-plus, which is designed to equip returning members of the workforce with the necessary tools they need to keep that competitive edge. For more information, visit the AARP
Foundation at /
income/back-to-work-50-plus/about-us/ or call 1-855-850-

There is a lot of value in having a more experienced worker on the payroll. Towers Watson research says older workers are reliable and have a very strong work ethic. It’s also been proven that workers 50-plus are least likely to leave their place of employment unexpectedly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than 85,000 adults age 50-plus make up more than a quarter of the workforce. That is a convincing argument that a person’s
age is not a factor in his or her ability to perform. An individual who has worked in an industry for 30 years has wealth of unparalleled knowledge and businesses understand
this more each day.

For more information about the other programs and resources we offer, please visit our website at

However, if volunteering is more your speed, we’d love to have you join us! Please contact the AARP Georgia State office at or 1-866-295-7281.

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