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Baby boomers led the so­ called sexual revolution in the 1960s and ‘70s – and that revolution continues. Then, it was about challenging the strict boundaries of heterosexual marriage and women’s traditional roles as wife and mother.

Kate Morrissey Stahl

Kate Morrissey Stahl

Today, it’s about continued sexual expression and connection despite age; various health-related concerns and marital status, which might include long­term marriage; second or third marriages; never married; divorce; or widowhood. With that awareness, BoomAthens will publish an occasional column on aging and intimacy by Kate Morrissey Stahl, a licensed clinical social worker and sex therapist, who is working on her doctorate at UGA in human development and family science. She’s also finishing the long and arduous process of certification in sex therapy by a national association.

Morrissey­ Stahl has a masters in social work and in communication arts and sciences, plus graduate certificates in gerontology, and marriage and family therapy.

Qualitative And Quantitative Research

In addition, as part of her doctoral research, she is conducting a qualitative study of women’s experiences with sexuality over a lifetime. Quantitative research often involves large numbers of people and surveys. Qualitative research involves fewer people but richer data from in­depth interviews. Data uncovered in qualitative research can often lead to quantitative research and new findings.

The last set of interviews she is seeking is with women aged 75 or older who would be willing to participate in two to six interviews about their experience with sexuality and aging. She is
conducting confidential interviews this fall in private locations chosen at the convenience of
participants. Identities are protected through the change of various descriptors, and participants will see and approve a final transcript of the interview. They can also choose to withdraw from participation at any time.

For more information, contact Kate at 706­224­7497 orHYPERLINK “”

• Morrissey Stahl’s video presentation on Benefits and Challenges of Sexuality with Aging, originally recorded at the Athens­Clarke Library in April, is now available online at

• Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond, Harvard Health Publications, 18­page report ($18 ­$26).­in­midlife­and­beyond

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