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Rosemary Woodel
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On a good day I washed, even scrubbed, the knobs on the stove after I soaked them in hot soapy water.  I did not clean the oven.   

I cleaned out the drawers in my desk, putting all the paper clips in a baggie, all the rubber bands, in another bag, further grouping pencil leads, staples, and different kinds of adhesive tapes.  I vacuumed the drawers before refilling them. 

All the out-of-date OTC liquid medicines are gone.  I poured the liquids down the drain and cleaned out the containers for recycling. 

On a good day I threw out all the out-of-date hemorrhoid medication tubes, not having had that problem for about eight years. 

On all the days I read e-news from The Guardian and four other newspapers.  I listened to the morning news on NPR if I got up early enough.  Mostly I slept until 10 a.m., three hours later than usual. 

On all the days, I watched “Monk” on Prime, “Midsommer Murders” on Acorn, something edifying on PBS and “Cold Case” on Roku.  I even watched TV in the afternoon.   

On good days I got a really good score on the New York Times Spelling Bee.  On a few days I couldn’t get better than the “Nice” rating.   

On all the days I thought too much about my body.  On all days, I rejoiced when personal emails arrived. 

Rosemary Woodell, 81, lives in Talmadge Terrace and has now completely recovered from a recent bout of Covid.  

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