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Debra Tyler-Horton

Debra Tyler-Horton
AARP GA State Director

While the November elections are behind us, the issues that matter most to voters 50+ will be on the ballot in the U.S. Senate runoff election on January 5th. AARP Georgia continues to work to inform 50+ voters about their voting options and amplify our voices to remind candidates about what is at stake. We need leaders who will protect Social Security, Medicare and our financial stability during and beyond this pandemic.

Supporting candidates who will provide COVID-19 relief will make a difference for AARP members and our families. In addition, Medicare is expected to lose the necessary funds to pay full hospital benefits, due to rising health care costs, an increase in prescription drug prices, and less incoming revenue. Social Security is only expected to be able to pay full benefits until 2034.  After that, it will only cover 79% of its promised benefits, which means one thing: candidates need to talk about how they’re going to protect this program.”

Not only do we need leaders focused on these issues, we also need leaders to be transparent with our community and speak out on racial justice issues, because the safety of our families continues to be at risk. The poll showed that the most important issues to Black 50+ voters are the pandemic, honesty in government, and racial justice.

AARP Georgia will continue to demand action from the candidates on behalf of our members to make sure they address the issues that matter to 50+ voters. So, make a plan to vote in the runoff elections for the U.S. Senate on January 5th.

Registered voters can cast an absentee ballot during these elections. You can also cast your vote early in person today. To find out when and how you can vote early or to request a ballot, visit

For more information on voting safely and to learn more about where each of the candidates stand on our issues visit

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