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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups
Senior Living
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Senior co-housing pioneer and architect Charles Durrett will host online facilitator training this fall for anyone motivated “to be part of the solution in the current senior housing crisis,” reads his announcement. According to Durrett, up to 40 percent of capable seniors move into assisted living before their time because they lack a supportive housing community. Limited to 20 people, the training will run for 10 weeks with weekly online meetings that will allow for dialogue and small group exercises (Cost: $600). For more information, contact

Then in November, AARP will host its 6thannual Livable Communities National Conference in Charlotte, N.C. Described as “a conference for anyone who’s committed to making their state, county, city, town or neighborhood a great place for people of all ages during all life’s stages.” Hundreds of elected officials, planning professionals, local leaders and community advocates from around the country will be learning from livability experts and peers who are driving change.

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