From the Publisher – Betsy Bean

Betsy Bean Boom Athens Editor 2017

I love to dance to anything with a beat and I can also be transported by a violin solo, but for the life of me, I can’t carry a tune, and I’ve never picked up an instrument. So, I’m in awe of the three musicians on our cover – Caroline Aiken, Stanley Stroud, and Connor Tribble, who have spent decades writing, practicing, performing, touring, practicing, more performing, all in between day jobs, family, and church. My guess is they can’t “not make music.” Read their stories in this issue.

Speaking of awe, Dr. Doris Kadish and her two retired colleagues, Drs. Judith Willis and Anne Williams had to be pretty tough cookies, or Steel Magnolias, as they called themselves, to prevail over the disrespect, antagonism, and outright discrimination they faced early in their careers. Doris shares their memories.

Are you living in an age-friendly community? When you reach a time that you can’t drive, can you walk to the grocery store or take a bus? In Part 2 of 3 of our Mobility and Independence series, writer Ramsey Nix looks at the pedestrian and transportation issues in Athens, and Liz Conroy shares some fitness tips that help her stay mobile, despite arthritis and knee surgery.

I leave you with “just a thought” on the last page, which was prompted by the recent controversy over Confederate monuments. And finally, I hope you like the slightly new look of our logo and inside pages. Juan Alonso is a wonderful, talented designer and photographer whose “tweaks” add to the look and readability of Boom.

Don’t forget to come to our Meetup on Wednesday, Oct. 4 starting at 5 p.m. at the Foundry where you can meet some of the people in this issue as well as the writers and other folks who make BoomAthens possible. “It’s all about the conversation.”