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Debra Tyler-Horton
Debra Tyler-Horton, AARP Georgia State Director

Fall is always a busy time here in the state of Georgia. As summer comes to an end, many have been wrapped up in sending the kids back to school, hopping around some of the state’s great outdoor festivals and, of course, cheering on the Dawgs. But there’s one important obligation that should not get lost in the shuffle: voting. 

Georgia has some very consequential elections coming up in November. Voters will go to the polls to decide which candidate will lead our state from the governor’s mansion for the next four years. They also potentially could, for the second consecutive election cycle, determine which party has control of the United States Senate. They will vote on a host of Congressional races, as well as critical statewide offices; all very important contests for a variety of reasons. 

In recent election cycles, 50-plus voters’ voices have grown louder and louder. With key legislation impacting the lives and livelihoods of members of this community, this sizable voting block has had its say in several key races. Looking back to the presidential race of 2020, 52 percent of all registered voters were 50 or older, up from 41 percent in 1996 (Source: Pew Research). Further, the median age of all registered voters in 2019 was 50 years old. In 1996 that number was just 44. These data show a significant shift in importance of the 50-plus voter. 

With the November 8 election day several weeks off in the future, does it make sense to start planning your vote now? Of course it does.  

Deadlines for voter registration are fast approaching. Soon enough early voting will be underway across the state. So, the time is now to begin researching candidates and issues that matter in these upcoming races. AARP, the premier nonprofit organization for people 50-plus, is a reliable source for voting information. To find out how to register, as well as the where, when, and how of voting in the fall elections, go to

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