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OLLI Courses
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OLLI Courses

Photo by Wingate Downs

Curriculum: Class seats still open

We have had a large amount of interest in our courses this semester, but there are still spaces available if you would like to become a member. From literature courses (“Bob Dylan’s poetry,” Oct. 13) to gardening (“How does your Garden Grow? How Climate Change is Affecting Your Food and Flowers,” Nov. 30) to self-improvement and health courses (“Traveling Safely in the Age of Terrorism,” Oct. 19 and “Puppy Raisers – Guide Dog Foundation,” Nov. 28). We always welcome new members, so please get in contact if you want more information.


Olli Path of Totality

Photo by John Albright

The Eclipse: OLLI@UGA members take a trip to the Path of Totality

Over 80 OLLI@UGA members traveled up to Dillard on Aug. 21 to see the solar eclipse in the path of totality.

After lunch at the Dillard House, they watched the path of the moon on the lawn outside. Just before the total eclipse the clouds came over and blocked the view. Disappointment was avoided. Just before the eclipse, the clouds parted overhead and allowed members a great view of this spectacular event.

Travel OLLI


OLLI@UGA Georgia Square Mall

Photo by Harry Hayes

OLLI@UGA FAIR: OLLI@UGA at Georgia Square Mall

OLLI@UGA used the Sears Court at the Georgia Square Mall for their Fall Activity Fair on September 8th.

A crowd of new joiners and those interested in becoming members learned about the 26 Shared Interest Groups, 200 courses and variety of trips that OLLI@UGA is putting on this fall.

Thank you to our sponsors and community partners who joined us. Special thanks to the staff of the Georgia Square Mall for all their help.

Stay tuned for our February event!


MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Exciting Events lined up for the Fall

OLLI@UGA has a wide range of events for members, planned over the next few months.

Oct. 12 at 5 p.m.: Beerganza with Hog Roast at the Southern Brewing Company

Oct. 31: Dutch Treat Halloween Luncheon

Dec. 14: Holiday Party (details to be announced)

Jan. 27: Burns Nights Celebration, Flinchum’s Phoenix

For more information, visit our website.


Current President Brenda Hayes with Alex Patterson and Ian Harden, organizers of the OLLI@UGA Burns SIG. Photo by Harry Hayes.

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