Need To Know Summer 2019

Free transit for seniors in Athens-Clarke County

All Athens-Clarke County Transit services for fixed routes are now free for people 65 and older, those with disabilities, and employees of the county as of July 1. Proof of age(Medicare card accepted), certified disability, or employment will be required in order to travel without fare. Athens-Clarke County Transit will issue identification cards for individuals who do not carry another valid form of ID. This new initiative is a component of the $4 million dollar “prosperity package” in the 2020 budget.

Local climate group brings different generations together

The local chapter of the International Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) brings together both young and old to discuss climate concerns and potential political solutions. As one of520 chaptersaround the world, memberssupportthe necessity of a political solution to climate issues. Chapters in the U.S. support H.R. 763, which proposes a fee on carbon at the point of extraction to encourage market-driven innovation of clean energy technologies.The local CCL lobbies legislators with letter-writing campaigns, phone calls and in-person meetings. For more information contact Gail Gill (, 404-538-9659) or Cary Ritzler(, 706-201-7668). Feel free to stop by Starland Pizzeria at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month.

Legislature funds programs for Georgia seniors

The governor and lawmakers set aside $5.6 million specifically to improve the safety and independence of senior citizens inthe state, according to the Georgia Council on Aging.Beginning July 1, the money will go towards enhancing home and community-based care, assistive technology, home-delivered meals, and a network connecting individuals with local resources. Funds were also earmarked for hiring twenty-two more caseworkers devoted to handling elder abuse complaints and advocating for aging adults without guardians.

This article was written by the BoomAthens Staff.

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