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I don’t often start my article talking directly about OLLI@UGA, but this summer we are piloting two programs that have implications for what we are able to offer and what that means to the wider community of Athens seniors. 

First, we are participating in a debate series with the OLLI@Dartmouth – for those of you who don’t know, there are 123 OLLIs nationwide. The series is entitled “Critical Thinking for the Preservation of our Democracy.” Five other OLLIs are joining with us in streaming the debates live, which will include the opportunity to ask questions of well-known academics. This opportunity is so valuable because it gives us a chance to not only interact with speakers that we otherwise couldn’t, but also gives us a bond to the wider learning community of OLLIs spread throughout the country. In joining with others, we can strengthen both our local and long-distance ties.

Second, we are running a pilot project with a local retirement complex to live stream some of our classes to their location. This meets the needs of our members who have restricted mobility, while allowing them to build up their own learning community. If this is successful, we want to see how we can meet the needs of more people 50+ in the Athens area who wish to continue learning for the sake of learning.

Our Fall registration, with over 240 classes is now open, and there is sure to be something in our catalog for you to enjoy, while building up your own learning community. We look forward to welcoming you to our classrooms at River’s Crossing sometime in the Fall.

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