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Elizabeth King Turns 100
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How does one become a centenarian? Running up and down a basketball court, coaching girls’ basketball for decades is probably a good start, and, perhaps, being the type of person and teacher that your students always remember with love.

Elizabeth King, still tall and straight-backed, and radiating kindness and modesty, celebrated her 100th birthday in February with a churchful of former students and friends gathered at Hill Chapel Baptist.

Ms. King began teaching in 1943 after graduating from Spelman College and Atlanta University. She taught social studies, history and French along with coaching basketball at first, Athens Industrial High School, and then finished her career in 1978 at Clarke Central.

She has sung in her church’s choir for 85 years, and keeps a full social calendar.

The birthday festivities included music by the E.G. King Centennial Chorus, a slide show, tributes, and reception.

Wouldn’t we all like to think there would be a committee of people who wanted to organize a big party for us on our 100th?

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