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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups
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Timothy MeehanThroughout our life we play different roles and wear different masks depending on our relationships. We are child, employee, parent, co-worker, team-mate, boss, grandparent. Yet, even as we age, we can add more roles such as lifelong learner, and open ourselves up to new experiences, which can reshape us, replenish our relationships, and rekindle our interest in life. That’s part of our mission here at OLLI@UGA.

Openness to learning new things can keep us interested and interesting in the world around us. But in order to understand where we are now, we must be willing to know and understand the lives of others – others who may be very different from us. To that end, OLLI@UGA is screening two free films for the public about people we might not typically interact with. We are showing two documentaries at the Athens-Clarke Library on Baxter St. They are The Unafraid, about the lives of three undocumented DACA students in Georgia, and Darius goes West, which follows a wheelchair-bound 15-year-old who travels the country to test wheelchair accessibility. The showings will be on April 16 and May 13 respectively.

Although we are a membership organization, we believe lifelong learning is a benefit for the entire community, and in the coming year, we plan to offer more events for the general public. We hope to see you and meet you soon.

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