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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups
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So, this aging thing – no getting around it without dire consequences! While we should be very proud of our resilience and hard-won wisdom, the accumulated years don’t have to define us. Instead, let’s take inspiration from some of our contemporaries who are blazing new trails – daring and doing. Read our cover story by Kelly Capers.

In part 2 of Letters from Vietnam, Myrna Adams West writes about 1968 when she and her brother Fred were worlds apart but determined to stay connected. In My Vietnam Decision, two local men share the life-altering decisions they made when they were just teenagers.

Wondering where you’re going to live as the years go by? Get a brief overview of Athens-Clarke County’s new comprehensive plan as it pertains to senior housing.

We’ve added a new section called Boomers Write. So many people have reached out to me because they have something to say and want to share it. To that end, we’re providing a platform, whether prose or poetry. This issue includes a bit of humor and some reflection from four contributors. Guidelines for submissions are at our website.

And finally, in a recent re-sorting of my mother’s memorabilia, I came across a yellowed newspaper clipping she saved from April 13, 1945. Reading it today, I am back there, mourning just as she and millions of other Americans were. More than just about anything else, an old newspaper clipping can take you time traveling. What a shame that future generations won’t have that experience. Read it on p. 28.



PS. Come see us Saturday, April 7, at the Athens Library for another BoomAthens Meetup. Details next page.

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