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Boom Athens Fall 2019
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Writing and publishing a book is a huge undertaking but there seem to be no end of local boomers who have done it recently. Our cover story highlights seven men and women who are passionate enough about writing that they stared down the blank page, and then took all the many and myriad steps to get their finished work published. They share their advice for other would-be authors. In the Fall 2018 issue of Boom, brothers Rick and Ron Waters wrote about exploring a portion of the Woodpecker Trail, which you can pick up near Athens. In this issue, Rick and his other brother, Randy, explore the southern half of the trail, which ends at the Florida State line. In a new Boomers Write submission, Virginia Carver, 90, writes about the need to reflect as we age, to “harvest” our experiences to get the fullest meaning of life. World traveler and local restauranteur, Tim Dondero, begins a new column, Food & Facts, in which he shares recipes from around the globe, where they came from, and how they came to be, and his own updates to them. In July, I attended the Georgia Gerontology Society’s annual conference where I learned about the trends and concerns of those in the business of caring for the aging population. Read my summary now but look for more in-depth articles in 2020 on some of the innovative gerontological work being done in the state and around the country. Thanks for reading Boom, and remember you help us continue to provide a different slant on aging by supporting our advertisers. Join us for Boom Day on the Bus, Wednesday, Nov. 6. Bring some friends and let’s learn the bus system together. Details on p. 5.  

Betsy Bean

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