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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups
Spring 2019
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Betsy Bean Boom Athens Editor 2017
Betsy Bean, BoomAthens Editor

I continue to meet contemporaries who just keep keepin’ on, which I can affirm, having launched Boom Athens after I “retired” to Athens in 2013. Ha! Many of us Boomers seem to have a low tolerance for routine. Marty Winkler, our cover model, shares her story about jumping into the burgeoning Georgia film industry. Blane Marable went right from a 30-year career in education to launching a small business, and following widowhood and divorce, three women share how sorority house mothering keeps them young and active.   

In Part 2 of Activism Then and Now, two local Boomers share the causes they’ve marched for, advocated for, spoken and written about for over 50 years! 

It’s the nature of aging — caregiving will be an ongoing topic in Boom. In this issue, we share some local resources for those suddenly confronting the issue. 

And finally, we’re happy to add Art and Connie Crawley to our list of contributors. The Crawleys have lived in Athens for over 30 years and like to dine out. They have their favorites, but they like to explore new eateries too. Starting with this issue, they’ll be sharing their experiences with Boom readers on a regular basis.


PS. Don’t forget to check The Boom Calendar for Grown-Ups each week, curated just for us at 50 Plus. If you know of an event Boomers would enjoy, be sure to add it to the calendar. And sign up for The Boom Blast weekly e-newsletter with Publisher’s Picks (of events) for the week. 

If you’d like to spend part of December in sunny Costa Rica with us, you have until June 1 to make reservations for the tour. Find out more at the Collette website or listen to their webinar on April 18 at 11.

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BoomAthens Mission Statement
BoomAthens Mission Statement: To create a community of readers by sharing the truths of the Boomer experience, then and now.

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Marty Winkler
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