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BoomAthens Summer 2018
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HIP Owners

HIP Owners

Boomers in business continue to disrupt aging stereotypes. Those of us over 50 are among the country’s most active entrepreneurs, starting businesses at rates higher than millennials. Or in many cases, continuing small businesses we created years ago. Read Kelly Capers’ profile of some local entrepreneurs.

The response to our 2-part series on Letters from Vietnam by Myrna Adams West was very heartwarming; I think you’ll appreciate some of the comments and photos.

I recently heard retired Hargrett librarian Steven Brown at an Athens Historical Society meeting refer to a black newspaper in Athens from the 1920s. I thought we’d like to know more about The Athens Republique.

I keep asking people to repeat themselves so I know I have to get that hearing aid for my left ear, this year! No more putting it off – which is what a lot of us to our detriment. Audiologists at the UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic provide some good information in this issue.

Enjoy humorous essays from a couple of our readers in the new Boomers Write section, and two thoughtful poems about aging.

Finally, a presentation I was asked to give at the Institute of Gerontology prompted me to think about the difference in my grandmother’s last years and my mother’s. It’s a disturbing contrast.

And thank you for your support of BoomAthens, which is made possible by our advertisers. Please support them.

PS. Our next Meetup will be at Cine, the nonprofit move theatre and art venue downtown, which has until June 30 to finish raising the money to buy their building. Hope to see you there.

BoomAthens Mission Statement

BoomAthens Mission Statement: To create a community of readers by sharing the truths of the Boomer experience, then and now.

Larry Photo Set Up

Larry prepares Shear Performance owners and client for a photo shoot.

Cover photo:
Shear Performance owners Marian Walker (l) and Goldie Newsom with their client, Yvonne Studevan, a four-times great granddaughter of Richard Allen, the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal denomination.
Photo: Larry Petroff
Eugene Bianchi
Steven Brown
Kelly Capers
Adrien Helm
Sheila S. Hudson
Scott Mason
Beth Whitlock

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