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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups
BoomAthens January 2018
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We Boomers are attached to our pets. Along with the millennials, the two groups spend about $60 billion a year, mostly on dogs and cats. Unlike our parent’s generation who wouldn’t have dreamed of lavishing so much attention and money on their animals, Boomers have had the time and money to indulge their cats, dogs, fish, birds, and even snakes and iguanas. Now though, we’re at an age or soon will be where we have to plan ahead for our needs and their needs. Our cover story explores the issues (and includes some adorable photos).

Ramsey Nix concludes her three-part series on Mobility, highlighting some of the assistive devices and technology that’s being developed so Boomers can keep going and going and going.

Myrna Adams West wrote faithfully to her brother Fred when he was in Vietnam in the late 1960s. She kept all of his letters and found them recently, which prompted her to reassess her understanding of his experience there. Read her memoir.

The #MeToo movement has called forth memories of my own. In my column in this issue, I remember the experience of first working in a “man’s world” of radio broadcasting in the mid-1970s. I wasn’t welcome and I have the scars to prove it.

Read on.

PS. Join us at our Feb. 3rd Meetup at the Athens Public Library.

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