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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups
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Find part-time work

Now there is a job search site that focuses on experienced workers. The AARP Job Board makes it easy to scan job listings in this area and apply for opportunities that fit your talents and your life. You can narrow your results for filters for part-time work, industry, location and more. And these employers have publicly affirmed their commitment to hiring an age-diverse workforce. Check it out at

Help medical students become better doctors

Simulated patient volunteers (SPVs) are part of a new program at UGA to help medical students learn good bedside manners, data gathering skills and other clinical skills such as physical exams. SPVs portray patients using either their own medical history as if they were at a real medical appointment, and other times, the SPV enacts a case scenario that includes a patient history, body language, emotion and personality. For more information on SPV training, contact Cheryl Kennedy at cheryls@uga.eduor 706-713-2689.

Injured wildlife

Should you come across an injured wild animal, the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital has a Wildlife Treatment Center that provides medical treatment and care. Their website identifies the exceptions such as venomous snakes and rabid animals, as well as instructions on the best way to handle injured animals. The vets and the students who work in the center donate their time, but their caseload has dramatically increased since 2010. If you would like to help, go

TV dialogue sound garbled?

AARP recently recommended a low-cost way to improve TV sound: just lower the bass and boost the treble. Voices are typically found in higher frequencies. If you decide on a sound bar, the advice is to look for a model with features that specifically make dialogue easier to understand.

VA Aid and Attendance Benefit has changed.

New rules have gone into effect regarding VA Aid and Attendance, which is a non-service connected pension benefit that older wartime veterans can use to help pay for their long-term care. Highlights of the new rules include a 36-month look-back period that penalizes a veteran or surviving spouse for every $2,169 that is given away or transferred into a trust or annuity. And net worth will now include all assets plus annual gross income.

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment through March 31.

Beginning this year, there will now be an Open Enrollment period each year for those on Medicare Advantage plans. From Jan. 1 through Mar. 31, enrollees can make one change to their plan or go back to original Medicare. For more information, call Georgia Cares at 706-549-4850.

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