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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups
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Football season is here again! It’s wonderful to see all the additional people that
come to Athens to participate in a shared event. I’m especially heartened by the
SilverDawgs Corps, which started as an OLLI idea, and who help visiting fans
find their way around town throughout the whole weekend.

Tim Meehan

Tim Meehan

This need to be at, and therefore, of a game that you can see much better on
television, is part of a much deeper need. We want to be surrounded by people who have
the same interests as we do – 90,000 people cheering another cut-and-run play certainly
would seem to fit this bill.

But what do we do when the lights go off and we all go home? Do we all have the
deeper connections that we’d like? And if it’s not us, we may know someone who doesn’t
have the social network that they would like.

These issues obviously increase as we age – people we were close to move away or we
move away from them. Life gets in the way and we never seem to have the time to keep
in touch until we have too much time and no one to keep in touch with.

Lifelong Learning Organizations like OLLI are becoming more important, because
we are all living longer; we move more; and we want to enjoy our retirement. OLLI gives
people a place to be surrounded by like-minded others without the crowds and the
Saturday night lights. If you find yourself wanting a deeper connection to things you
love, subjects you want to know more about…pretty much anything…then come and see
what OLLI has to offer.

Oh, and Go Dawgs!

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