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Boom Calendar for Grown-ups ~ Curated for Us @ Fifty Plus
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Boom Magazine was recognized for publishing excellence at the annual North American Mature Publishers Association conference in San Diego on October 4.

In a field of 396 highly competitive nation-wide entries, Boom received six 2021 NAMPA awards out of 8 categories entered, which include:


  • Best Banner (magazine nameplate design)
    • JUDGES’ COMMENTS: There’s wonderful design and use of the rocket in the banner. The bold white text is clear and prominent, the boxed “MAGAZINE” element and tagline frame the banner, and the full bleed image complements the branding. 
  • Briefs/Shorts Design (upfront FYI section)
    • JUDGES’ COMMENTS: “Need to Know” and “Good to Know” are a series of short paragraphs, each introduced with a boldface subhead. Designers use photos and white space wisely to air out the pages. It’s quite easy to scan.


  • General Excellence (content, writing and design)
    • JUDGES’ COMMENTS: From front to back, Boom Magazine shines with unexpected, original content that still addresses the basic questions of aging. A conversation with a parrot, for example, sheds light on a bond between bird and owner that bloomed during the pandemic. “Reimagining Nursing Homes” is the kind of forward-looking content that takes reporting about older adults to a new level. Design is straightforward, photos add interest and the “FYI” briefs are well-written news bites.
  • Profile (“An Afternoon with Cosmo” by Tracy N. Coley)
    • JUDGES’ COMMENTS: A parrot may seem a surprising candidate for a profile, but the story of Cosmo is charming and absolutely first rate. The African Gray parrot’s owner fits seamlessly into this tale about a relationship that deepened during the pandemic. It is at once both clever and compelling and a thoroughly entertaining read.
    • **EDITOR’S COMMENT: We laughed a bit at the judges’ comments because we thought we’d written a profile on former UGA professor Betty Jean Craige. But clearly, as Betty Jean will tell you, everything is always about Cosmo!**
  • Best Single Ad – Color (“Maintain. Maintain. Maintain.” Athens Air Heating & Cooling)
    • JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This is a very polished ad that looks as if it were designed by a major creative agency. The image and copy are perfect complements to each other, and the use of white space and overall balance of the ad are excellent. There is a great analogy using sweat, personal health and air conditioning.


  • Personal Essay (“The Meaning of Motown for a White Kid” by Jim Marshall)
    • JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Mr. Marshall recalls the joy that Smokey Robinson, the Temptations, Aretha Franklin, the Jackson Five and others brought to his life as a youngster growing up in Gary, Indiana, and how the music of Motown continues to bring him happiness today. The essay is whimsical walk down a musical memory lane.

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