Become a Content Contributor

Thank you for your interest in submitting a story idea to Boom Athens for review. We’re interested in articles related specifically to people aged 50 Plus, who are active and engaged with life.

Some topics will be serious; others not so much. Story pitches for specific features and departments should be no more than one page in length. The pitch should explain your idea and how you would approach it; however, do not include the actual story you are proposing. Personal essays or poetry for the Boomers Write section should be submitted in full.

Features and departments cover the following categories from the 50 Plus perspective:

  • Health & Fitness (tips, advice, trends)
  • Relationships (marriage, dating again, children/parents/grandparents; caregiving)
  • Arts & Entertainment (reviews of local restaurants, movies, art, theatre)
  • Trailblazers (people who were first or one of the first in a given occupation/profession, and their experience)
  • Money, Housing and Consumerism (practical information and advice)
  • A Second Look (books or movies that mattered to you even if they weren’t best sellers or blockbusters)
  • Travel (from day trips to exotic locales, interesting perspectives; tips and advice)
  • Memoirs and Spiritual Journeys (thoughtful, interesting, honest, even funny)
  • General Interest (hyper-local or specific to the transformative years of post-WWII, or aging well)
  • Poetry (memory, reflective, aging, or local focus)
  • Photography (local, nature, or emotionally related to issues of interest to 50 Plus, e.g. caregiving, etc.)

Please e-mail your story idea, essay, or poem to as plain text within the body of your message (no attachments please).