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Age-related legislation 2018-2019
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We won’t know until March 29, the last day of the legislative session, whether any of the bills proposed by the Georgia Council on Aging will be included in the upcoming budget. The Council and CO-AGE, the advocacy arm, requested an additional $14 million; $10 million for non- Medicaid home/community-based services and $4 million to help fund the state’s network of Aging and Disability Resource Centers. The explosive growth of Georgians age 60 and older is straining the system, experts have testified, with 12,000 people on waiting lists. In addition, there’s a loss of two federal grants.

CO-AGE had three other top priorities, including a central registry of abusers to help prevent the hiring of caregivers with a history of abusing or exploiting elderly and at-risk people; tougher penalties for violations of personal care home regulations, and the need for Medicaidfunded assisted living options.

You can join CO-AGE free as a non-voting member and receive email updates, or pay a $25 membership fee and vote on issues and priorities as well. Stay tuned for ENGAGE with CO-AGE on April 16 -20. These are meetings throughout the state organized to share updates on what passed and what did not in the 2018 legislative session and to begin preparing for 2019.

More importantly, you’ll learn how to influence upcoming senior issues.

Find out more at, and sign up for The BoomBlast. We’ll let you know when and where in the Athens area.

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