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Debra Tyler-Horton

Debra Tyler-Horton

We know that the idea of retiring at 50 is not on the radar for mostpeople. In fact, research has shown that many adults are now working wellinto their 60s or 70s – and maybe beyond.

Some of this is driven by necessity, while some folks just don’t feel likethey’re ready to end their productivity in the workforce. To this end, AARPoffers great resources to help individuals who are preparing for their second– or even third – encore careers.

I strongly encourage you to check out the AARP Work & Jobs website– – that provides information, tools and connections toa variety of resources. Highlights include:

  • A list of companies that value experienced workers and recruit acrossdiverse age groups
  • Tips for those who are looking for work or just exploring their options.• Information, tools and programs to empower and guide workers whoare contemplating a career change.
  • Help in navigating your work life by connecting you to trusted resourcesand peer networks.
  • Information, programs and expert insight on how to stay competitiveand prosper in the workplace.

Remember: You are part of a revolution! You are among the firstgeneration of Americans who routinely change careers after 50. Thecenturies-old pattern – to work at the same job or profession right up toretirement – is becoming obsolete. In its place: a career path marked bynew jobs, new starts, even new businesses, continuing for as long as youhave a passion for work. The proof is in the data. For example, one studyshows that 40 percent of people working at age 62 had changed careerssince they turned 55. I am 62 and living my best life at AARP!

Before embarking on your “encore career,” AARP Jobs Expert KerryHannon offers these 10 tips:

  1. Understand what’s behind your desire to make a change.
  2. Get your life in order.
  3. Be practical.
  4. Find a mentor.
  5. Be prepared for setbacks.
  6. Volunteer or moonlight.
  7. Research.
  8. Don’t lock yourself into a must-have salary.
  9. Keep your hand out of the cookie jar.
  10. Do something every day to work toward your goal.

For more great tips, please follow Kerry on Twitter@kerryhannon.PS. If you are ready to retire but would still like to put your considerableexperience and knowledge to good use, I invite you to become an AARPGeorgia volunteer! As we continue to advocate for those who are 50+, weare looking for committed and passionate volunteers who want to help usshare our efforts in Caregiving, Fraud Watch, LGBTQ, LivableCommunities and Advocacy. Please connect with us at 866- 295-7281. You also can reach us on Facebook @AARPGeorgia and Twitter @AARPGA.

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